GTS Global Transport Sharing App

For passengers:

You have the right to choose what car and driver you want, how much to pay and no ride-sharing companies’ fees or cancellation fee or surge ever!


Easy to make a custom request with info and picture if you like.
Let your request be seen all drivers around or choose who will see it.
See all active drivers around in your area and choose what you want.
See the real picture of the car, its location and reviews.
Select offers by car make, year, price or time to pickup.
There is no a cancellation fee, you pay only for what you ordered.
This GTS app has 5 safety layers for your protection.
You can write reviews to make this app better and better.

For drivers:

Drivers can see all ride sharing requests around with information about trips and choose a rider. This app has 5 layers of safety for drivers and passengers protections. There are no ride-sharing companies’ fees, passenger pay you directly and instantly on your PayPall account. You get paid not only for a trip but for pickup also.


See all requests in your area and sort them.
See info about the trip and rider’s reviews before accept it.
You can offer your price for the trip.
You get paid not only for а trip but for pickup also.
This GTS app has 5 safety layers for your protection.
You can write reviews to make this app better and better.

You can download for print a GTS windshield sticker and promotional materials here

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