Underwater contact lenses

Would you like to see underwater like you see in the air? With these lenses, you can enjoy the underwater world without wearing a tight and fogging mask on your face! You will clearly see the colorful world underwater. You will see both underwater and in the air with equal clarity like dolphin or Moken kids. 
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We can’t do it when we are adults because the refractive index from air to the cornea is very different than from water to the cornea. So, in air an image is focusing on the retina at about 17 mm from the lens but underwater the focal length is about 780 mm. What are doing Moken kids under water they don’t open their pupil because of low light, as our reflex does, but they squeeze it in a pinhole like in a Camera obscura and can see under water.¬†

I’m going to create the contact lenses from a not transparent material with a very small pupil in the center so our eyes will be forced to act as a pinhole camera.


It can be irritating for eyes be a long time open under water. I don’t recommend it for people with very sensitive eyes. I don’t recommend it in a strong current because lenses can be washed out. Also water can press the lenses too tight to the cornea so you will need an eye drops to release them. I don’t recommend reuse lenses because in the water there are a lot of microorganisms what can grow on your lenses after you use them in water.
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